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Golf, Fishing and Other Sporting Activities

This part of South Kerry boasts a wide range of outdoor activities for all types, from horseriding to sailing and from fishing to golf. 

There are several good quality golf courses in Kerry, but the best of them is on your doorstep. The course at Waterville is used for top flight tournaments from  time to time. Over the years the world's best players have graced the course.  From the great golfing legends of the 1930s and 1940s, through Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player, right up to the present day super legend Tiger Woods, they have all kept Waterville on their golfing itineraries. The Tiger seems to have pencilled Waterville in every year as part of his preparations for the British Open, and is regularly joined by his good pals Mark O'Meara and David Duval.

The fishing, both sea and fresh water, attracts thousands of enthusiasts every year. There are no end of web sites that provide information on the different types of fishing around Southern Ireland. The Ballinskelligs region is, however, particularly blessed with a range of lakes and rivers that, together with the sea fishing, offer a full range of options. The linked page above provides a small bit of local information to whet the appetite, but there is way more out there on the web.

There are a number of other activities that you may wish to pursue.  Some information is provided by clicking on the following items:

                   Horseriding      Surfing    Diving     Walking    Cyling.


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