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Gallerus Oratory

Gallarus was built between the 6th and the 9th centuries and resembles a boat turned upside down. It is the best preserved early church of this period in Ireland. The stones are laid at a slight angle, lower on the outside than the inside, making rain run off. It is built in the same way the neolithic tombs were built. There is one small window high up on the wall opposite the doorway. It is situated toward the western end of the Dingle peninsula.

Staigue Fort

Ring Forts are found throughout Ireland. According to folklore these were the fairy dwellings. They are known locally as ráths if they have earthen walls and cahairs if the walls are of stone. Staigue Fort (below) is located between Castlecove and Sneem and is the best preserved Iron-age, dry-stone fort in Ireland dating from about 500 BC.

The walls are 13 feet thick and the quality of the stonework is unsurpassed. Such fortresses were a vital refuge for the natives, not only from wolves, but also from seagoing invaders. Some argue that the fort was not only a defence, but also a theatre for duels.

Leacanabuile Fort

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